Sunday, August 02, 2009

demons & ice cream

Okay, so I was helping out my ODC boys serve ice cream this evening, when all of a sudden, Evan (you know Evan) looks over at me with this strange face and asks me, "are there suppose to be campers in their cabins right now?" I said, "No, they are supposed to be in club right now." To which he replied, "Well, I think I saw a camper in his cabin, can we go check?" I said, "Well, sure we can."

We walked over and found this guy. Some camper was dressed up in a demon/gorilla outfit. But here's the thing. Evan saw this strange creature standing in front of the door of that cabin, and then the door closed by itself. Evan really thought we were about to walk into a real physically Spiritual battle. Luckily that was not the case, but I was very pleased that he would choose to go into battle with me by his side. But, I wish he would have told me whats up first. ;o)


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