Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another day @ LC

Today was one of those days that you can look back on and really feel like something got accomplished. Also, I had an opportunity to share my testimony with this new group of work crew and summer staff guys. It really surprised some of them. I heard several, "I would have never guessed!" And as far as work goes, we really got a lot done. We were doing weed and crap removal from a huge ditch. It smelled so bad, but the more weeds we removed, the more the water could actually start to move out. We got some rain today. They say this is just the start of rainy days. Monsoon season IS HERE!! I can't wait for some killer thunder. The day ended very beautifully.What a beautiful camp Lost Canyon is. I love it here. I am really starting to miss my guys from last session though. I miss the friendship, company, and work ethic of Andrew (summer staffer), and all the cheap laughs of Larz. I guess it is time to really pour into the new guys though. I could tell they were impacted by my testimony, and wow is that such a neat feeling. To know that God is making good of a lot of crappy experiences (crappy at the time, good now that I can chalk them up as experience and water under the bridge).

Janice sent me some pictures, I really want to share one of them. It is bright, but I really super like it.I love the laugh's, and I love the body language. It is a very funny picture to me. It seems super genuine. I sure am glad Janice came into my life. What a blessing she is.

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