Thursday, July 30, 2009

slow morning, good day

This morning was very slow, mostly because it is Breakfast in bed day. That means that "almost" everyone in camp, including interns and summer staff sleep in till 9:45. Which is okay, they need to have days like that. BUT, from a work standpoint, it really puts a damper on getting the day off on a good foot.All the assignment team (people giving the talk, acting funny, in charge of discipline, etc.) work together with the A.M. kitchen people to prepare B-Fast in bed for the kiddies.

We worked on this and that, and the day was some what productive. I had a good day, but it is 7:17P.M. and I have yet to go take a shower and dive into the Word.


My mom is having more foot problems. She had foot surgery on her right foot, and all the crap that has been going on with that for the past year. But, just recently (today) her left foot has been bothering her. She is set to go on vacation with my dad soon, and is getting very discouraged by all this foot stuff. I prayed with her, but could tell that her spirits are low. Please pray for healing, but also that she may be able to find peace and happiness even with a bum foot.

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