Wednesday, July 01, 2009

sharing life

I wanted to start off by sharing a picture that is really quite amazing. It was from a couple of days ago when the interns and myself went to the top of a mountain in Flagstaff called San Francisco Peak or something to that effect. It is the highest point in Arizona at an amazing 11,500ft!I'm the one farthest off in the picture (I NEVER WEAR SHIRTS WITH SLEEVES). It was so amazingly beautiful on top of that Mountain, and the view just screamed GOD!! I was in total amazement. It was a real bonding time for me and my fellow interns. It was so awesome. We had an opportunity to sit just as INTERN's and talk things over. I got some real guidance from one of the interns, her name is Kailey Jensen, and ultimately here dad is my main boss.Here is a picture I took yesterday of THE CREW. There is Anthony (ODC BOSS), Andrew (summer staff), John, Jake, Conner, and Isaiah (all work crew). This is a picture of us rock digging. It is odd, I feel like we have made it as a group of servants/workers in Christ once we start digging for rocks on the side of the mountain. To me it is a level we have arrived at as a group. It really means nothing, but to me, I suppose it does a bit. They are all an amazing group of guys that really longs to serve the Lord. It is quite amazing also to see what devoting a month of your summer to serving the Lord can do for you. Hey MOM, I just thought I would tell you that God connected me with this lovely lady above. Her name is Janice. It is really very amazing how we met. There was just a willingness to open up and a vulnerability that allowed honesty to come out. I would say God used it in a big way. In revealing things that needed to be revealed to her, and by reminding me that I must always be willing to be used. As well as me being so incredibly blessed by the Amazing God we serve. She is a really nice girl mom. She lives in CA though. . . but it has been really sweet having an outpouring from both of us. In a way that I have never really experienced before. I wanted you to know because I have never really let you in on this part of my life. I'm not saying that i'm dating Janice at this time or anything, but I wanted to give you the heads up ya know? LOVE YOU MOM!!

God is so bright here. This is something that I have experienced so strongly here that I know it will carry back into "the real world" (world outside of Lost Canyon).


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh the real world. don't come back to it if you can avoid it. not so pleasant and cheery

Anonymous said...

I'M BACK....i want to apoligize if i offended you by my posts last weekend. however i wish you would at least take some of my thoughts under consideration as you contemplate and look towards your future. would you be able to sustain the same beliefs and opptimism that you have now if you were a unemployed young person fighting to make ends meet, maybe raising a child, with no job in sight and no outlook for anything better, even if you were a person of faith. that is what MANY people your age are going through now and that has been my point all along. would you be happy go lucky mikey, meet me at the movies mikey, take you to dinner mikey, meet me in arizona, or north carolina mikey, meet you for video games mikey, meet you for coffee mikey etc... if your circumstances were differant..those questions and tests are in the bible too..can you meet and honestly answer them. thats my point. i only wish you the best, but its easy to reach for the best when you come from the best.REACHING UP IS MUCH HARDER..Thank You

Janice said...

Wow just looking back at how it all began. Sweet times. Not your my boyfriend! So much for not dating!