Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock hard encouragement

I thought I would start off this post with a picture of the ROCK WALL we (ODC crew) have been working on for the past several days. It is actually a retention wall. It is at the front of a parking lot. The parking lot is severely slanted, so in the winter time it becomes a skating rink. Cars get stuck and it gets very messy when everything thaws out. We are slowly allowing the grade of the ground to be leveled out, and eventually there will be a gravel parking lot. We work hard, and the cool thing about a project like this is, well in 10 years if any of us come back to visit, we will see why we put in all this hard work. It's a pretty cool concept.I love my part of this work. Ya see, I get to take the giant fork lift up the mountain with the dump truck. Me and two other guys pick out giant boulders and load um up. It is so totally fun, and hard work. That fork lift can lift like 8,500 lbs without the arm being extended. It has some serious power! The highlight of my day came once we finished working. It was life stories time, and it was Evans time to share. He told his story, and he has been impacted by a broken family, along with other things like many young people these days. But, all in all his story ended with him realizing that he wanted nothing more than to be a servant of Christ. He gets it, he really does, and his life shows it. He has Christ in his heart, and the Word in front of his eyes daily. It is just amazing to see what spiritual nourishment can do for an individual. Also, Evan told of his relationship with his girlfriend, and he is only 18 years old, fresh out of high school, but darn if I am not impressed how he loves God, then her. I was really encouraged by it, and excited to continue in being above reproach with Janice. Today was a great day!

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