Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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If you could look closely at this picture (perhaps enlarge it by clicking it), you would see many many many young teenage mothers with babies all over. This week is called Young Lives week. The camp is compiled of many pregnant young teen aged girls as well as mothers with very young babies. This is an amazing opportunity for young ladies who have a lot on their hands to experience life in a very fun and safe atmosphere. For every baby that is brought, there is a caretaker. The girls are allowed to be girls. This is amazing to see play out. Many of these girls have encountered abuse through their very young to adult lives. They are from all over the United States, and many have never even left their home state until now. Many went through a lot of hardships just to get here. Boyfriends, mothers, and others are telling them no no no, but through prayer and the work of many loving women in their lives, THEY ARE HERE!! It is so awesome to see them having fun and not worrying about all the things that hold their minds captive at home. They are free to be teenagers, to laugh, to play, to get messy, to enjoy friendships, and to experience the love and story of Christ!This is my new group of ODC (Our Door Crew) boys. They are a good group of boys. In the picture above we are shown filling water balloons. Now, normally this activity could be tedious and possibly not that much fun. BUT, to a group of ODC boys, headed by the leadership of yours truly, this activity is filled with laughing and smiles. It is so good to be in a caring community of believers who really act on their faith. It is one thing to say you believe in Jesus Christ, it is another to LIVE IT! These boys do a great job of living it.Every morning, except on the day that they get breakfast in bed, we have a great time of studying the Bible and enjoying each other while in the Word. I have to say, that out of all the things we get to do. When I look back on days, weeks, and months of the summer and ask myself, "What was the most fun or impacting?" The answer would go to Bible Study with the boys for both. We have so much fun, learn so much, and enjoy the Bible study time so much. I love how it infects my life. Studying the Lords word is so VITAL. The importance of it to a Christian wanting to fully give themselves to the Lord is paramount. But, I have found that it is not something that can be explained. You cannot sit down with someone and explain to them how important being in the word is. In order to really "get it," one must find it on their own. You can talk and talk and talk and tell and tell and tell till you are blue in the face, it won't do a lick of good. You must just continue to live life devoted to God, and allow your actions to speak loudly. You must allow your love, happiness, and peace speak into the heart of the matter. God is good though. He will honor your obediance to yourself, as well as to the individuals you want so badly to understand. Never force, never overbear, never put together an idea of where you think someone should be. God is in control, and thinking you can do something to impact someone's Salvation is pure foolishness and frustration waiting to happen. :-) I am at peace with that.

In the immortal words ofPopeye the sailor man.

"I am what I am and that's all that I am."

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Anonymous said...

could not agree more with you..... everyone should stick to their beliefs about their ideal of God...me thinks everyone "gets it", just at differant times, and at differant ages, and at differant places in their lives.. no amount of "preaching" can change a person until they are ready to change... and maybe, just maybe, they don't need to change...God is a very unjudgemental person and accepts ALL who believe in their way... enjoy and continue to encourage the young ladies there this week.. Lord knows this is a hard enough world as it is, and a little break from their tough lives has to be enjoyable...God speed and thank you