Friday, July 31, 2009

Reminder day

Today served as a reminder. As I approach the end of this internship, I begin to feel as though I am not fully here. I have experienced so much, and God has shown me and taught me so many things. But, I have been sort of "mentally checking out." Today sort of snapped me out of that. But, God also revealed himself in some neat ways.He showed me this amazingly beautiful rainbow! It was so crisp and clear. I was in total awe! It was right after the campers left too. I don't think that means anything, just an observation.This week's new believers "SAY SO" time was very good to listen to. It served as a reminder for why I am here as well. So many kids would say things like, "I finally found my father," or "I fell in love with Jesus," or "I joined the family." It is so good to hear someone who is completely broken, totally GET the message of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful feeling. This picture was taken while I was driving to an intern time at one of the property staff's house. There was good food, and awkyardness for me. I feel like the outsider with most of the interns. I get along with all of them, I would call them my family completely, BUT, that is about it. There are only a few who I can really TALK to. That is what it is too. I accept it, and it just is what it is.

So, when I left the internship party thingy (which was as quick as I could), I got back to camp and the work crew kids (high school volunteers) were having a pool party. I helped get them music and some other fun things, then got on my bathing suite and joined in with my ODC boys. We had a blast, and they are why I am here, and why I am to stay fully present. I get that, and accept it in a big way. It is funny, because I had, or maybe still have a critic to my BLOG that has said several times in the past, "you can only relate to kids, because you have not grown up yourself." Maybe that person is right, and maybe I just need to roll with that. I dunno, just thinking out loud. . . or should I say, "just thinking on BLOG."

I am so excited to see Janice. If everything goes as planned, She will be in my arms in 18 days! Please God, allow everything to work out so that Janice and I can spend time together before we both start school again. That is my prayer in a big way.

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Anonymous said...

oh i'm still here mikey. can't abandon you. that comment was, after some more thought on my part not so much a critism as just a observation. and its not a bad thing so much if it helps you relate and connect with your kids. anyway that helps you be able to help them isn't wrong. been laying low, don't want to wear out my welcome, so thanks for your time..