Friday, July 03, 2009


Okay, so today is SUNDAY, but I am just getting to posting about it. It was worth the wait though. Just in case you are thinking, "jeeze Mikey, what could possibly be so important?" Well, GOD is once again working for the good of those who love Him. All day on Friday, I had this horrible attitude. I will tell you why too. Ya see, I have met this girl, Janice. And well I know for a huge fact that God has used me to speak into her life, and that is awesome. I mean, I have done this kind of thing before, even for cute females, but this time was different. Not only did God use me to speak to someone, but then I felt this emotional attachment. Strange, and while I was trying to figure out why I got this bad attitude I found out I kind of had a bit of a beef with God. This is what a bad attitude looks like here at Lost Canyon during a normal work day. I woke up at 5:30 and was at work @ 6. I had trouble doing all the little things that I usually LOVE. Things like working in the field, and cutting grass, and things like that. Well, it just was not going away, and I knew it was because I was frustrated with my emotions towards Janice, and kept questioning God on why these were so getting to me. So, I did something that I have never done before. Seriously, 22 years of girl friends and such, and this was the first time I ever have called my mother and asked for her advice on the subject. She GAVE ME AWESOME ADVICE! THANKS SO MUCH MOM, I love you like crazy. It seems like I love my parents more and more as time goes on here. I just see how lucky I am to have them in my life. So, the day gets over but my attitude does not leave. I am praying and praying at this point for God to take it from me. . . . but nothing. SO, I go with the Interns to someones house, and they make spaghetti. I eat it and have some thing revealed to me about the subject. . . . I want to go back to camp, and I ask my friend (and fellow intern) to take me. She says, "Okay, but will you drive?" I said, "yes of course." On the way home, I guess I was going 37 in a 25. I had no idea the speed limit changed, and I got pulled over. As soon as the cop took my information, I knew I was getting a ticket. I prayed out loud, "God, please don't let me get this ticket, but if I do, please don't allow it to make my attitude worse." I meant it so much too. The cop took 15 minutes to come back to the window, and asked everyone in the car (2 girls) except me, to vote on whether or not I get a ticket. They voted no, and he did not give it to me. My bad attitude was lifted. GONE!! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!! I won't even go into depth on how crazy it is that I did not get that ticket in the small town of Williams AZ. God is so good. But, even when things are going horribly, God is still good. My life may look all smiles and happy trails on my BLOG, but, believe it or not, I go through lots of difficulties. I just try my hardest to give them to the Lord.Janice made this bracelet for me. I dig it.


Anonymous said...

you didnt have to post my response, but i appreciate the fact you read it and at least felt it deserved a post.PLEASE understand i am not down on you..on the contrary i think you are a good guy with great intentions..i just feel you have a bit of a attitude, looking down on others on occasion, that comes from being from a GOOD family, while others may share your beliefs but still have to struggle with daily life..there is no clear cut right or wrong so we both are correct in our opinions, but i appreciate the fact you read it anyway..God bless you, and your good intentions....Thanks for reading

Janice <3 said...

I dig you!!