Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good day

Every morning this month/session will start out in this room or a room/location similar. This is Bible study with my ODC work crew/summer staff. Right now we are going through Acts and learning about what it means to be in a Christian community. It's been really good so far, and filled with lots of great and honest questions about life and the Lord. That is the best kind of Bible study in my opinion.Sorry for the quality of this picture, it was really bright out and he was moving quickly. Anyways, this is Trevor and he loves the song Free Falling. I was finishing up with lunch, when one of his leaders motioned for me to come over. Of course I was happy to meet some new capernaum friends. So, I walked over and learned their names. Then Joe (was a Work Crew boss last session) had me lean over and said to me, "hey, go put on Free Falling through the speaker system, it will make your week." I did just that, and boy was he right. Trevor started dancing and singing like crazy. Every time the chorus came on he would somehow prop his leg behind his head, and fling it out with his arm and it was amazing. I am so blessed at the happiness capernaum kids have dispite their situations. I need to be able to find that joy. Actually, I have found that joy, I just need to continue to allow it to infect every part of my soul/body.

Today was a good day.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a neat moment. hope you can find a way to infect your whole body and soul with that joy.. looks to me like you are well on your many ways i am envious of your "surrender myself" attitude to are on the right path.. enjoy! thanks