Friday, July 24, 2009

Honda 70's

Today was good through and through. I started off by finishing the field. Ya know, all that top dressing stuff. Then Ryan and I went to the local golf course to return the top dresser they were letting us use. As we drove there, I noticed how amazing the sky looked.I mean just look at that sky. The picture only gives slight insight as to how beautiful it really was.

The day went so good. BUT, I was the only intern working kinda late. All the other interns went to Sedona together. I didn't mind, but wanted to do something fun. SO, Ryan and I did just that. It all started with two little motor bikes. What an adventure we had! LOL.
So, it doesn't look too bad right? WRONG! Most of the terrain looked like this. And we went both ways on this mug. It was crazy fun though. And so amazingly beautiful.A lot of the journey looked like this. Beautiful tree's and it was so good. We found trains! I got my little beast up to 42 Miles Per Hour on the access road right next to that train. My goodness, I was in BLISS. Everything makes sense when I am doing something crazy fun like riding the heck out of a little motor bike out in the wilderness of Arizona.

On our journey, we found a small water hole. It appealed to me, so I decided it would be a good idea to jump in it.
It was so much fun, and I am quite happy with my decision to be completely random and awesome.

I could have go to Flagstaff with the interns, but instead I stayed back and I pretty much have the camp to myself. I took a shower, and was dancing and rocking out in the bathroom to one of the interns i-pod boom box thingy. Today was so killer!


Janice said...

Mikey your crazy!!!

Mikey said...

Janice, you are beautiful; inside and out! ;o)

Anonymous said...

damn mikey... she is beautiful.. good for both of you.. have a great week