Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a walk through landscaping @ Lost Canyon

Okay, today started early, and as I was walking to work, I thought to myself, "maybe today would be a good day to take my readers through A DAY IN LOST CANYON LANDSCAPING." Ya know, to give you an idea of the kinds of things I do here. Here is how it went.The day started early. I was walking out of my cabin at 6AM. Ryan (boss) was already on the main and largest field. He was turning on sprinkler heads so that we could mark them with little flags. Once I got out, I hopped on the tractor and started aerating the field. I punched so many holes in that field, you wouldn't even believe it!
Then, once I had gotten several swipes done on the field, Ryan started driving the Kubota, pulling. . . . the drag mat. The point of the drag matt is to break up all the little cylindrical pieces of sod that the aerator has dropped all over the place. And the whole reason we did this was so that we could prep the ground for. . . . . the top soil that we were going to throw on it. First, Ryan and I had to mix the soil. It was Arizona soil (which sucks compared to Indiana soil), old mulch (that helps retain water), and a little bit of sand. We mixed and mixed and mixed and put it into the. . . . top dresser machine. The top dresser machine evenly spreads the soil over the grass. We got a little bit of the soil dressed on the grass, but then it started pouring, so we had to stop the whole operation for the day. We went and heard 2 "life stories" from 2 of the ODC guys. It was a good good day.

It was a good day after I finished working. BUT, little did I know it was about to get a WHOLE LOT BETTER! Now, Janice had been telling me that she sent me a post card, so I was anxiously waiting to receive it. When I went to the summer office to see if it had come, I got a little note that said, "Mikey Riley, you have a package." The first thing that popped into my mind was, "well, my mom must have sent me another one." I thought that was kind of strange. So, I checked the package, and this is what I found.As I read her letter, and read through the album she made just for me. I was breathless. It seriously made my heart beat fast. I'm not gonna lie, I got a little teary eyed. It was so beautiful and well written. Janice is very artistic, and expresses herself very well in words. It was seriously so amazingly beautiful and well written. And, put God first, and gave him the credit for bringing us together, which he did in a BIG WAY!! Also, she sent me the shirt she said she would make for me which also BLOWS ME AWAY!! This is the front of the shirt, he he he, I love it so much. This is the back of the shirt. This is so funny/special because one night we were talking on the phone. She was telling me about the shirt she made for herself a couple of nights earlier, and she sent me some pictures of it. I was like, "wow, that is so sweet, you should totally make me one sometime." Now I said this never actually expecting her to do it. Little did I know, when Janice says she is going to do something, she does it! I love it so much.

God has truly blessed me with Janice. I am so amazingly glad she is in my life. It is so awesome too because she makes me want to be even stronger in Christ. My relationship with Janice has been completely and is constantly surrendered to God and his WILL. I am totally comfortable with that too.


One last thing. My computer is dying. It took me so long just to turn it on. It keeps giving me the "black screen and words of death," that I have feared. It sucks, but it isn't like I have not seen this coming for a while now. I will try to save as much from my hard drive as I can, and hope for the best. :o)

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