Thursday, March 04, 2010

I really should be be sleeping

Right now it is 11:33P.M. and I just got home from THE CIRCLE!! Whoop Whoop. SO good, but I wanna start from the beginning.

This morning as I drove to class I think. It was so sunny!! Oh my goodness, it was so bright. I could feel the warmth from it while in my car. It was so amazing, I do not remember the last time I felt this.
What next, hummmm ohh I know. How about this amazing and sweet worship time I got to experience. I would say it was like an impromptu worship time. I had just finished an exam. I was walking to another building on campus. THEN, I was talking to a friend about another mutual friend we both dearly care for. After about 45 minutes of conversing, I had another friend come up to me and say, "Hey, you going to the worship time?" I was like, "HUH?" He explained it to me, and so I decided to go check it out. I went to go and check it out, not having any idea what to expect, but down for whatever. Well, it turned out to be an amazing time. The guy on the guitar's name is Chris Lee. He is a man who is very lead by the Spirit. This worship time in this small room was filled with prayer. I found myself face down on the floor worshiping the God I love more than anything else on this earth. There were times of just joyful sounds, times of words, and moans for God. It was amazing and completely lifted my spirit in a big way. I LOVE my Abba Father!!


What happened next? Well, so many other things, but for the sake of time and sleep. I will share one. I went to Starbucks, and not just any Starbucks, a location I never go to but was told to choose. The person who told me to choose ended up canceling once I pulled in. I got a bad attitude at the last second and it turned out to be amazing. I pulled into the parking lot, and there was a guy trying to break into his truck. I stopped and started helping. I was directing, pulling the door open (cracking it). And, one thing lead to another. Well, again, long story short he had to pick up his daughter and didn't have time for AAA service to come help him. So, he bashed in the back window. It was a pick up truck, so it was one of those little tiny windows. I am watching this guy struggle something horrible. He was having a bad day. Then, he reaches through the bashed in window. And he couldn't reach the lock. He was so frustrated. And this guy was skinny. So, what happened? Well, he just calmly got out of the back of the truck. He felt foolish for bashing it in and not being able to reach it. He stopped and said, "Ya know what?" I'm gonna go buy you a coffee, and I am going to try to rethink this." I just said in my head, "No way, this is not going down like this." I hopped in the back of his truck, and forced myself through this tiny little window. I am actually very flexible, LOL. I GOT IT UNLOCKED! Hee Hee, I told him to go get his daughter and to have a good day. He looked at me with his jaw on the pavement. He was tired, frustrated, and cold. Now he could move on. He was so happy.

Did God bring me to that Starbucks to help that man? Yeah, I think probably he did. But, maybe it was to teach me a lesson in situational issues. I got a little bit frustrated that my friend was changing plans after I had done my whole evening different just for him. Maybe God was giving this man hope and whatever. I don't know, and it doesn't matter. It was sweet.

Then I went to The Circle. Ohh my goodness it was good. It was about forgiveness. I can't explain it all, but GOD IS SO GOOD PEOPLE!! It was amazing, in the most real and sincere way.


Anonymous said...

wow!!! almost too good of a story to believe. you apparently are always in the right place at the right time to be a hero...

Mikey said...

Hero? Naw. But did God set me up in that position to represent Christ in my actions, yes he sure did.

Anonymous said...

you know i really love watching joel osteen on tv.. i am sure or at least hope you know who he is.. but occasionally he will tell a story in the first person with a dramatic story ending that is just too good to believe.. not saying you are a bit of a drama queen but....... just sayin

Anonymous said...


Mikey said...

If there is one thing I am not, it is a liar. Please don't call me one. I don't stretch the truth, what I write is what I live, always has been and always will be. But seriously, leave the mean thoughts and doubts in your head. You can disagree with how I live, but you have no right to disagree with what I write.