Thursday, March 25, 2010

man of the hour

To the man of the hour @ The Circle. Loving it! Yup Yup, this is Zach Briggs and he is the main leader of The Circle. It was his birthday today and man did we do it right. There was so much good food, "soul food" if you will. There was fried chicken, pizza, mashed potatoes, beans, and so much more. I love this group, and this group loves the Lord. And, to make it even better, he had a guest speaker. They call him Prophet Bird. Here is Prophet Bird. What a great man, and so insightful. I really was impacted by what he had to share. This week the topic was relationships.
I forgot to take in my journal, but I tried to take notes on my phone as best as I could. This is what I got.
  • Dating doesn't have to be a guessing game. We need to bring God into every moment of it. Seeking. We need to ask God who we should be dating.
  • Another sort of side note Prophet Bird gave was this. "If they aren't seeking you as much as you are them, run from it."
-to go along with that sort of. . . It is unChristian to lead someone on, but it is unChristian to let someone even fall in love you.
- P~Bird also talked about Psychological whores. This is someone who wants people to love them, who wants someone to be all emotionally into them. But, does it to sort of build their ego and things like that. This is very wrong. It is unhealthy.
  • It is never okay to break the kingdom rules in order to get what you want in a relationship. NEVER. I forget this all too often.
Prophet Bird was real. I mean very specifically real. He went into details about sexuality that most people wouldn't get close to. But he did it in a way that was so good for us to hear. Tonight was so awesome. Good stuff.

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