Monday, March 29, 2010

My notes from BSF, right out of my note pad

Oneness In Christ
John 17:6-26
  • These verses, especially when Jesus prays for us, his believers; shows how amazingly much God cares for us (his believers/followers).
[Why has God valued me @ such a high price?]
- This is one of the mysteries of God's grace

vs. 16-19 He isn't taking us out of the world, because the only way we grow is when our faith increases. In reality, this doesn't happen during "easy times."
  • What am I willing to give up for those God has given me to impact for Christ? He gave up his only son. Really, what am I willing to give up?
AP (Application Principle) Christ's disciples are one in Christ, and set apart for his purpose and glory revealing his truth that which was given by the father for us.

?AQ? (Application Question) How does anyone know that I belong to Christ?

AP The truth of gospel & loving sacrifice are to be observable in Christ's disciples (me).

{Why can't we just get along??
Because the world hates believers
because they hated Christ first}

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