Monday, March 15, 2010


There are things I want to talk about. But, I can't. I can however talk about my inability to help in certain situations. I will be very vague here. When I get close to someone, and I am helping them through some difficult times and they do a lot better for a long time, and then slip up, maybe even slip up bad. I don't handle it well. I actually tend to take it very personally. I don't know why I do this. I was right there in that "slip up" faze for years. I am really critical of people. Did it with my cousin, and I do it with some people I am close with now. I need to figure this out. And no, i'm not talking specifically about Janice, although it would work for her as well. Dang I feel hypocritical. After BSF, I went to hang out with Synda. I hadn't seen her in forever, and it was time to hang out. We had fun while she told me all her 'school blues.' I have to go to bed now though. Tomorrow I am filling in for a childcare position on the other side of Fort Wayne. There is a 1 hr delay though, so maybe it will be worth it. Who knows. I also have a test that I really need to study for. Grrrr. So much to do, so little time. But, the good news is God is so gracious. I feel Him everywhere. He makes life make sense even when it shouldn't. He has conquered everything, therefore I have no reason to fear. . . ANYTHING!

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Ryan Pelton said...

Dude we all need to hang out!