Monday, March 22, 2010

Study day for sure

Dang, today I seriously put some 'extreme' time into my Spanish studies. Now in the basement of one of the buildings on campus there is a computer lab that is all MAC computers. It is usually locked and for some reason, students seem to think that means that it is off limits. When the reality of the situation is simply that no one has asked if they can utilize it. SO, I asked one of the computer lab consultants if he would unlock it for me, which he did. I then went into it and shut the door behind me. I had like 4 hours of this computer lab to myself. I got a lot done and it was grand.

I eventually went to Spanish class and took a QUIZ, and I think I did really good. Lets hope anyways. . . . As soon as class was over, I did NOT go to BSF. I had to finish writing an annotated bibliography for my COM-300 (Communication Research Methods) class. I did that, but it was a late and difficult night. All is well though, and God shining through all things.


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