Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sweet jams today

Awesome concert! Yes, a totally awesome concert. The local museum downtown had a re-grand opening after they did a ton of re-modeling and what not. They also had a bunch of local bands play. In the picture above, you can see a cartoon with a talk bubble. In that talk bubble it says, "These guys make me want to make up dance moves -the white guy" This was submitted by me via text message. Anyone could send in their messages to a whole bunch of random pictures. It was a form of art I suppose, so it was fitting. . . . The music was good, but hanging with my friends was even better. After the show I went over to my friend Kayla's apartment and watched a movie with some peeps. It was also good. Good Good day today. Except for the start of it. I worked on a "GROUP PROJECT" for like 4.5 hours by myself. She (my group member) has not really done anything. I have so much video editing to do. . . . and no partner to help me with anything, because she just doesn't show up. She has really good excuses though.

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