Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bay forest, pelz rocking, could it get better?

Today started off with me getting a phone call from Dave. We talked a little bit about location for Lifelight Ministries (Dave church), then he told me that he was going to go to Woodburn Missionary to hear Bay Forest speak. Bay Forest is a motivational speaker/evangelist/follower of Christ. I first heard him speak with I was very young at a youth camp called CDYC (Central District Youth Conference). He was a part of the initial "tugging on heart work" that God started in my life when I was very young. I would show you, who he is from a past post, but apparently it got erased. SUCK! This was a picture I took of him talking at a church out in Woodburn, IN. It's a small farmer town about 25 minutes away from where I live. I met Dave in the parking lot as I was walking in. Dave was exiting, and I was entering. We had some more small talk about Lifelight Ministries (Dave Church) and then I went in to listen to Bay talk. Bay was talking fast, he did not have much time and I got the feeling he knew he was a little rushed. We went over Mark 2:1-12, the story of the paralytic. It is a classic, and most Christians have heard it many times. When it talks about how it was so crouded that the friends could not get their paralyzed buddy to Jesus, the story almost asks the question->
  • What in my life is crouding me from Jesus?
  • The friends tore through the roof of a strangers house to get their friend to Jesus.
-What am I doing to get the message of Christ to others?
This can show you that working for Christ can get messy (it would have been extremely messy ripping through a roof), really messy. I don't want to be afraid to get messy for Christ. What could this mean in my life?
  1. Talking to people even when it is extremely uncomfortable.
  2. Spending time with people in "uncomfortable" situations, to show them the LOVE of Christ.
  3. Being there for people, even when you could be doing things that are more appealing and logical.
When I left Woodburn Missionary, I went to school to STUDY. First, I made a little stop by an old favorite Bible study location.That's right, THE PARKING GARAGE. I posted up on the top of it, and got some studying of the Word done. Then went in the library to study for Finals (boooo!).

Then I went to a Young Life leader meeting. We have a killer Young Life team. And everyone seems extremely dedicated and awesome. As soon as the meeting was over, I high tailed it out to Fox Island County Park. Yes, that's right. I went there because there was a little music festival that Dave & Richard (from Dave Church) were playing at.Yes, a little music festival called Sol-Fest. Sol meaning sun or something like that. Anyways, I didn't give a darn about any of the other bands, just Richard & Dave. And I loved watching them up there very much. I'm proud to be able to associate myself with those two guys, and glad I am able to call them my friends.It was so much fun just to be able to support Dave & Richard, and enjoy others enjoying them. Richard had a string break on the first song and that kind of freaked him out for the first 2 songs, then he pulled it together, and did an awesome job. Here comes the sun ROCKED! They did an awesome job.

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