Sunday, May 24, 2009

The kids have arrived

I am so glad that they are here too. It is almost a breath of fresh air. Ya see, we (landscape) have been hurrying and busting our butts to get these 300 tree's that have been donated to Lost Canyon. There is a lot of work involved, digging the holes, putting them in and giving them irrigation so they continue to grow in crappy soil. Yesterday evening I was up till 8:30PM shoveling and working the ground. Today, I was up at 6AM working and working. It is cool though, a lot of the time when we have work crew (high school kids who volunteer for a month @ the camp to serve other kids and God) kids I get to drive big machinery and feel important. I still work hard though.

ANYWAYS. . .Ya see, that building is called the bus depot. It is where the campers are dropped off, and welcomed by about 40 yelling and cheering smiling faces. Everyone stops and welcomes the kids to camp. It is such an awesome time. The kids can't help but feel special. I love it, a lot.

The kids are also greeted by a short performance from the program people. It is loud, funny, and very interesting. It's like a sneak preview. Then, they are told everything in camp is open. The Zip Line, game room, BLOB, coffee house, ice cream shop, and that there is free ice cream for everyone!This is the BLOB, and yes it is intense. There is just something really entertaining about seeing high school kids get plastered on their belly after flying 20 feet in the air. . sadistic? Only slightly.This is the Zip Line. It starts way up in the mountain, and is either almost or a little over 1/4 of a mile long. It is so amazingly fun. Lost Canyon is a dream for anyone. A homestead, a safe place where you can just be yourself, and meet Jesus on your own terms. If you're ready, sweet there are so many people to come along side you, if you aren't ready, there are still so many people who just want to love you and support you in everything you do. Young Life = LOVE

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