Saturday, May 02, 2009

lacross & hoedown

Today started out with a very bright and perfect weathered Lacross game. Ya see, there is this kid, Brandin who I met at Snider (school I do contact work @ for Young Life) last year, and well he has been wanting me to go to one of his games. Don't remember Brandin? Well, ~CLICK HERE~ or ~CLICK HERE 2~ and you will see who I am talking about. Well, I woke up this morning and I went to his game. It was pretty cool.I don't fully understand the sport, and I super don't understand why they don't wear leg protection. But, it was good to watch, especially on a day like today.

Then I went to the library and did my BSF, YEAH BABY!!Nothing like a little library that get's me going! I did really like being in the word though, there is no sarcasm there. But prepare yourself for this sarcasm because it is coming at you fast.

THEN I GOT THE CHANCE TO STUDY LAW STUFF!! YES, THE CONSTITUTION! The constitution is so sweet to learn! I just want to memorize the whole thing word for word. . . Then the sarcasm stopped. And the truth came out that I am going to be so happy after Tuesday when I don't have to learn this stuff anymore. It is literally going to be dropped out from my memory. Good use of college credit's? No, but that is just how it is sometimes.

Then the afternoon progressed into the evening, and soon I found myself at a Young Life Hoedown! That is right, get your boots and cowboy hat on because we are square dancing!It was all nice and howdown like in that barn. Pictured above is Ryan, you remember him from when I went to Chicago not to long ago. Here is my dancing partner. Ain't she just the prettiest thing East of the Mississippi? Miss Jenny is what they call her round these parts.

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