Thursday, May 28, 2009

love God love people

Today was a real good day. This picture shows how the morning started off. . . We picked ROCKS! It is so weird/awesome to have people under me. I am so blessed to have the people on my crew that I have. They are real unique & God is doing great things in their life as well. God is so good.

For the campers, well tonight they heard the cross talk & the reality of what Christ did for us could, for some; sink in for the first time. There was so much prayer going out for them as they searched their hearts. Every Monday & Thursday the interns/staff get together. Tonight was a whole lot of prayer time. LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE-> DON'T MESS WITH THE REST.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on that whole loving thing........sounds kinda cool

Its fun reading your stuff