Monday, May 04, 2009

george @ BSF & Tony

My day started off by me going into the MAC computer lab. I really like using these computers, they rock hardcore, BUT, the lab is freezing. It seriously feels like it is 50 degrees in there. Maybe cold concentrates the mind, and energizes the soul. OR, maybe the thermostat is broken.

Tony, who is pictured above and I waited for the buses to come and drop off kids. More or less it was just an excuse to hang out with my buddy.

On a sweet and awesome note, George came to BSF tonight because they had an intro class and he wants to be in the study next year. PRAISE THE LORD! GOD IS SO GOOD! Seriously that is such an awesome thing to me. It shows commitment, and that George is striving to do and seek more for his life. Committing to engage in Christian accountability is the best thing for someone seeking a followers heart. To George it may not have been that big of a deal, but to me it was a huge step. I know God is working in his heart.

P.S. on a funny note, I tried to be sneaky and snap this picture without George knowing. I thought my phone was on silent. But it was not. Not only was it not on silent, but when I was at work, I wanted to show Andrea that my phone has a setting that says, "SAAY CHEESE!" right when you snap a picture. Well, it was still on that setting, and of course it played loud and clear right during the lecture. It was perfect Mikey fashion.


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