Monday, May 11, 2009

no more doctor

Well, today I made myself available to serving my mother. She had a doctors appointment at 11AM and some errands to run before it. I got home from work and got her in the car. Oh, speaking of "THE CAR," my car (smurf mobile) no longer has breaks, so I am done driving it for the summer. I will get them fixed when I get back from Arizona. But, the awesome thing is that my cousin Matt agreed to let me use his car, and he is just using my moms car (i'm not allowed to drive my parents vehicles. . . because of past bad decisions). So, I packed my moms wheel chair in Matt's car, and off we went.She had to stop at Jo'Ann fabric's to get some string or something and to the bank, and some other things. Then we went to the doctors office to have her stitches removed. Wow, they really cut her up good. A serious operation in deed. I hope she won't mind me broadcasting her foot on the internet, but here goes. . .Yeah, the picture does not really needs words. I'll just let you fill in the blank____.

Well, back to work. Today was the 2nd to last day at the YMCA childcare for me. I am gonna miss these darn kids. I love playing with them.Especially this little bugger. Good ole Tony.

When I got home from work for the evening, I found out something that is not so good. I got a letter from the Indiana Center for Multiple Sclerosis saying that they are shutting the doors as of June 1st. :o/ This is going to make things kind of tricky on me, mostly because I not only have to find a new neurologist that will keep me on the TYSABRI, but will also take me as a patient. Tricky Tricky Tricky.


I thought that was a pretty cool hill to climb over. A hurdle to tackle, ya know? My health is going great, and I am so happy about that. I am not scared about the whole doctor/neurologist thing, because I have no idea who I am going to go to, so basically I have to just turn it over to God in prayer. I will be asking that God provides someone who will take me on as a patient and continue with my TYSABRI.

Also, today was my last BSF. I loved BSF so much this year, and God taught me so much through the journey of Moses and the Israelites. I learned that I am the Israelites. Also, that I am extremely hungry for the knowledge of the Bible and Truth. It is an awesome thing. I have to finish packing tomorrow, and also tomorrow I leave for Indianapolis. At 6:30AM, I leave Indianapolis and start my journey to Arizona!! WHOOP WHOOP!! It is going to be awesome, and God is already doing a lot. I LOVE JESUS!!


Anonymous said...

Are you still going to get your Ty infusions while you are in AZ?

Mikey said...

Yes I will be. BUT, I will be coming back in June for 10 days, when I take the Fort Wayne Young Life kids to a camp in North Carolina, then fly back to AZ. So, for the months July & August, I will get my infusion out there. Then my script runs out. I will have to find a new neurologist that will take me as a patient, as well as keep me on the TY.