Saturday, May 30, 2009

today was aaiiiight

Today was my first day off since I got here. Let me tell you, I really needed it. I have worked my butt off day in and day out ever since I got here on the 13th. Today, it was time to chill. Chill is what I did. It started off with Maggie (fellow intern) and I leaving for Flagstaff around 11 AM. It was good to get away from camp. I love this camp, but day in and day out. . . . well it get's kind of old. It's all good though. I went into Flagstaff and Maggie introduced me to her roommate. Ya see, Maggie goes to school at Northern Arizona University (NAU). So, she lives right in Flagstaff. It was good. We did a coffee shop after we did a little restaurant called The Black Bean. It was real good.Maggie has her back facing me in the above picture. And Becky (her roommate) is in the white and purple. Then there is Kayley and Christine Kopicky (my bosses wife). It was fun I suppose. Fun enough anyways. Again, it just felt good to get away.

Then, as a group of interns. We went out to eat.There is a good shot of Maggie (sarcasm). She is the one in the NAU hoodie making the funny face.

Anyways, we ate and then everyone went to see the movie UP. It was soo good! Everyone needs to see it.

**MOM** If you are reading this BLOG, you and dad seriously need to go see that movie. It was extremely sweet.

God is doing a lot in me internally. At times I am extremely frustrated, because no matter how much I did not want to have pre-conceived notions about what God was going to do in me over the summer, I still made small assumptions. Those assumptions are biting me in the butt now. The cool thing is God is using them to do a work in me and reveal things to me that I may not want to see, but have no choice. If I am to follow Christ, and want what he wants in my life, then I can't ignore what he is saying to me. He is saying, "BE GENTLE, LET GO OF YOUR PRIDE, BE A SERVANT, LOVE WILDLY, BE A LEADER, BE EMOTIONAL, GAIN WISDOM." It is a lot to take in, but I know I am supposed to do it, so I am going to just have to bite my lip on this one and allow Christ to do a work in me, and to be challenged in new ways. Possibly ways I have not felt before.


Anonymous said...

mmm. Macey's Coffee! got to love it! The Macey's Special is the best cup there!

you don't know me, but i really randomly stubled across your blog. but tell maggie, bj, jenn, and kay that i say hi and that i miss them!! :)

Mikey said...

Well I would love to tell them you said hi. . . but who is YOU?