Wednesday, November 11, 2009

eye opening

Jonathon is front and center as you can see! I am so glad he is going with us on Fall weekend. It is going to be a whole lot of fun.

As for me. Well, the reality of brokenness is starting to set in. God keeps bringing people into my life, or just making me aware of the people already in my life and their brokenness. Either way, these huge issues keep getting confronted in my mind. Things I cannot answer with a simple, "Trust God and all will be okay." These issues make me step back and ask myself. "Why do I have it so good, and others have so much intense pain in their lives?" These people God keeps showing me, they are only existing in life. There is no real meaning, and the things that hold them down are so vastly out of my human conception, that I just sit confused, and ask, "why am I so lucky?" The only thing I have immediately been able to come up with is that God needs me to tell them. To show them a new way. A way filled with hope. That they can be fulfilled with a joy that doesn't leave even when the pressures of life come crashing in. Life is difficult, God is not. It is just getting over taking that first step. That is the hard part.

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