Monday, November 30, 2009

another Monday for ya

Yeah, the day started off with Geology. I have my fourth Exam on Wednesday, which I need to study for a lot tomorrow. Maybe not so much study, but write up my one page of notes. It will be no big thang. Ohh, and I went to Spanish today, and I got an 80% on my last Spanish test!!! I was so amazingly happy and surprised! GO ME!
I went to Snider today and talked with the wrestling team about Young Life. It was good, at least I think it was good. We will see come Wednesday. The kicker of my day was BSF. I really love going to BSF. I feel so grounded there. I really belong around that setting. I love learning about my Lord. I love being around men who love learning about my Lord. It is a really healthy atmosphere and I love everything about it.

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