Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my 1,000 BLOG!!!!

This is monumental, this is earth shattering, this is a first in so many ways!! I have blogged ONE THOUSAND TIMES (1,000)!!! This really says something about how I view BLOGGing. I mean because seriously, I don’t usually stick with anything. My BLOGG is my baby though.

With that being said, I wanted to do something “special” for my 1,000th post. I did a little documentary called. . .


As I was cleaning out my car, I found a beard that belongs to one of my Young Life guys. I decided to wear it. . . the rest is history.

The beard looks and feels natural. The beard brings family together, both young and older. The beard motivates an individual to CLEAN! The beard brings supernatural strength.

The beard also likes to travel. While the beard and I were
out and about. We traveled to many different locations but
one thing stayed the same. We (the beard & I) would walk
into a location, not say a word, snap a picture, and leave. This
left many confused, but that is part of the beauty of the

First stop, Wallgreens. There was a lady in line who just started laughing. I of course said nothing and showed no emotion. I let the beard do all the talking. The woman behind the counter was very confused. Next stop was Arby's. And for fairly late at night, it was packed. I heard several individuals say, "What the he** is this guy doing?" And many snickering. This did not stop the beard though. The guy behind the counter said, "Wait, why are you trying to take my picture?" He got no response. This confused gas station clerk simply waved.
Next stop was Starbucks. Now, there was a very loud police officer in line. He immediately started asking me what I was doing, and where I got the beard from. I stayed quiet, took the picture, and left. On to a random Hotel. The guy walked up to the desk, cocked his head to the side and said, "How may I help you this evening sir?" I looked into his eyes, turned around, took the picture, and left. It was beautiful. Next I went to a roller skate rink. This old lady was the only individual who did not react at all. She simply looked at me, and kept perfectly quiet. I took the picture and left. The traveling beard went into the liquor store. As I started to pose for the picture, he made some kind of gesture. Then, just as I walked in, I started to leave. On my exit, the guy said, "Wait, are you serious? That's it? You're not going to give me any more than that? Common man!"
I took all of the above pictures on the North side of town, I wanted
to get a mix of both socioeconomic parts of town though. So, to the
South side I drove.

I jumped in front of a line, and snapped this picture. Again, complete silence. People laughed. It was hard to not smile. Then I finally got to the Wall-Mart on the very Southern most part of town. There were so many people shopping at 11:00 at night. And they were all staring at me. This was the only time I thought to myself, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea." I continued anyways. The girl check out girl gave me a pretty big smirk once I left. The last stop of the day was a BP gas station. The clerk looked at me and said, "Is that your beard, or did you take it from a friend?" I wanted to laugh pretty badly, but I kept it in, and left silently.

That is the story of the Traveling Beard. And I am proud to post it as my 1,000 BLOG!!! Horray for me!

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Vice-Commissioner Lister said...

Love the beard, sad I didn't see it today.