Friday, November 06, 2009

I needed to hear this today

"He took the cup of wrath and splashed it on my perfectly sinless and bleeding face, and what's worse is God did this to Christ with a smile. It pleased God to crush Christ for me. . . ." For me, that is a powerful statement to me.

The very first level of Christianity is complete denial of your sins and everything you have ever known!! To really understand this, your life has to change. I need challenged in this area of my life. That I may be more like Him who atones for me in every bit of my being.

"True love for God means true hatred of sin." Ouch, that one bit's at the core of my existence. It is challenging in how I interact with sooo many things. I love this, and take it as a personal challenge.

I, Mikey Riley, stand for Jesus Christ. I have all confidence in knowing that God has changed me from my most basic piece of being. I want to know the character more and more, so that my most very basic knowledge is based off of what He teaches and feels.

All you have is now. . .


Anonymous said...

wow!!! want to follow you but you seem to be a bit over the top all the sudden... could be why you get no responses to your posts.. just remember, i have a friend just like you, we all want to talk about our selves and our problems and lifes adventures occasionally, and love to have a ear.. this is "your blog" but damn dude, one of Gods greatest gifts is being a listener too, not just a talker.

Mikey said...


Janice said...

Baby... This guy must not know you very well because I DO know you VERY well, as if I've known you all my life and that comment about you listening... Well you listen just right. It is unfortunate that your no longer allowed to voice your own thoughts on your own blog page where it is OPTIONAL to visit. Plus babe if he knew the daily adventures (For lack of a better word) God takes you though, he absolutely not think that. You rock and thats FINAL! :oP