Monday, November 23, 2009

yep, you gotta take what get's thrown at ya

Today brought to my attention my m/s. It brought to my attention that not only does it impact my life, but the lives of those who are closest to me. It is interesting to think that it has almost been 2 years since I started the Tysabri (drug that has kept me completely symptom free). But, I can not be ignorant to the fact that my future ahead is unknown. Super unknown. So much so that I couldn't even try to guess what it will look like. I had some really healthy conversation with Janice about it. It is rough for both of us, but we truly love each other. God will guide us where we need to go, and will place in our lives what needs to be there in order for His will to be done. I am well on my way to being perfectly okay with that. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

have i very nice thanksgiving.. hope you have been doing well. best wishes.. Thanks