Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tony and meeting

I had to drive out to Grabill to drop someone off that came to church. Since I was out there, I decided to go to my friend Tony's house. He just bought a house, and called me last weekend to see if I wanted to come out. I told him I would, and we are friends and use to be really close, so I wanted to stay close.
Tony is still Tony. Except now he has a girl friend. We talked about times of past, and just hung out. It was a good thing. Later on I went to a leader meeting. It was super good, we talked about so many awesome topics. Every time we have a leader meeting, they just get better and better. What a great and amazing team we are building. GOD IS WORKING BIG TIME!!! Lives are being transformed, and as a leadership team we just keep getting stronger and stronger. So cool to see God directly impact the lives of our friends (Young Life kids) like this. It is super encouraging.

On December 20th I will be going to California to be with Janice for 20 days. Something I am so looking forward to. I found out on Friday that I will be in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for 10 of those 20 days. Janice's family has a house down there. My trip to visit Janice has turned into a full blown winter vacation. I am extremely blessed and fortunate.

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