Tuesday, November 03, 2009

worship from the SOUL!

I went to Campus Crusades tonight. It was amazing. My friend Chris Lee (pictured in picture above) gave the talk. And while he was all over the place with his thoughts, he really interacted well with everyone in the room, and it was very powerful. At least to me it was. I love the passion he brings into everything he does. It is very inspirational to me. He wears his faith on his sleeve, and I love it. Next Tuesday I am giving the talk at CREW. The topic I will be speaking about is the Holy Spirit. Dang, my mind is just racing about what I am going to speak about. The verses to use, and the examples from my life that I am going to illustrate. This is the stuff that gets me super excited. I am just in the right place when I get to talk in front of a group of peers or kids. I just feel like I belong there. I love it!! I wanna get better at talking, I want to learn the Scriptures more in depth. I want to improve so that I may better deliver the word of God to the ears of hungry listeners.
I got something in the mail. Yes, that is right, I got a mug from Tysabri. Now I had to sit back and laugh just a little bit when I opened the box up that this thing came in. I laughed for a couple of reasons. First off, it has been nearly two years since I started on the drug TYSABRI to treat my Multiple Sclerosis. It has changed everything. I have had no symptom since I started it. The fact of the matter is this though. Since I started it back in March of 2008, my dads health insurance has shelled out nearly $154,ooo.oo (low estimate) to Biogen Idec (huge pharma company). And they sent me a mug. A mug from China that probably cost more to send then to purchase. I am not complaining, I am just taking humor in the way things work. Even the coffee mug has a warning on it. It even had tons of paperwork telling how dangerous the medication is. Don't they know I get it??? I don't need all these reminders. Ohh well. I am gonna wrap this up, because tomorrow at Young Life I am giving the "SIN" talk at club. It is exciting that I have the opportunity to share such an important message. Thanks for reading. LATER!

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