Sunday, February 14, 2010

Austin's baptism

What an opportunity. Dang, seriously what an amazing opportunity. I feel so lucky that God allows me to be a part of something so beautiful. I am constantly learning so much from these kids I get the chance to hang out with. Seriously I feel so blessed that God allows me to see his work first hand. It is a powerful thing.

After I got out of church, I went to Austin's church to do this baptism, it is Grace Gathering out in New Haven. Sweet church, and a good fit for Austin. There is a great tight knit community of his friends as well as Young Life leaders.

After church let out, I ended up at school battling my way through Chapter 5 in my persuasion class. Once that was accomplished I headed over to our first leader meeting for the year. It was amazing, both for the leaders, but for our overall moral I think. It was a very powerful meeting. People were vulnerable and it paid off. It is amazing what being honest and admitting your sin can do for your soul. As I grow, I find more and more that it is an essential act for Christians seeking to be healed.

Then after the meeting, I headed off to campaigners (YL Bible study). We had it at my church, where my pastor ended our 3 week discussion on purity. He wrapped things up for us. I believe it was good. We will see what the guys thought about it next week.

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