Wednesday, February 03, 2010

wall-mart express

Today I was pretty lazy. It happened mostly cuz right off the bat this morning my tummy was not feeling too hot. But when I got around to doing stuff (maybe 11:30) I was rocking the Spanish like a rockstar. . . . . . I loathe Spanish homework. But then, before you knew it, it was time to go to Spanish. I picked up my friend Synda (I have 2 classes with Synda), and we rocked out to EspaƱol. I hate studying the subject, but I actually really like the class. I can tell Synda is going to be a good friend. We have 2 classes together, but already we show signs of strength in friendship. It is good to have that.

So you are probably wondering what is up with the picture above. Well, that is my friend Synda and her roommate Katie. I went shopping with them at Wall-Mart. I don't know why I said that in past tense, I am actually still walking in Wall-Mart with the 2 girls and it is 1:08AM. There are all kinds of unique people in this place at this time of day. We are checking out now. . . . . so I am just gonna say G'Night Oh, and just a little update on Janice and how I am doing with all that. Well, I am doing really good. Every time she comes up. I go directly to God in prayer and ask him to clear my mind of her. At times I pray for her, but usually I ask God to clear my mind of her. It works really good, and it is making me rely on Him in a big way. . . . k k G'Night for real this time.

Oh, I wanted to post this from the other day. But, I forgot. Check it out.

I read this in my Bible study notes this morning, it was an "eyebrow lifting moment" for me. A super good reminder. The essential words are in RED.

To go with John 12:25-26>>>
When I receive Jesus through the person of the Holy Spirit to be within me and I am "in Him," there is a sense in which I also become a "kernal of wheat," for His own life is now the "kernal" within me. His thoughts become my thoughts, His emotions become my emotions, and His will becomes my will IN PROPORTION as I am UNITED to Him. This also means that His desire for fruitfulness, for the reproduction of the life of Christ in others, which animated Him, also pulsates within my own soul IN PROPORTION to my SURRENDER to Him.

Me: As we die, we too produce many seeds, well J.C. does through us anyways. This stuck out to me because there is a sort of cause & effect. As we continually choose to give in to Him, we are blessed by the outcome; LIFE, both in & around us. This makes me excited!!



Ryan Pelton said...

Im coming next time.

Anonymous said...

first of all its walmart not wallmart lol.....praying to god to clear your mind of janice slaps of sarcasm and uppitynous on your part.... this is a person that a few weeks ago you couldnt get enough of and was having the time of your life with out in california the state that you thought was all that.. remember?.....if what you are looking for is attention and sympathy for your latest lost relationship, then maybe you need look no further than your own heart.. you create these relationships and then just as quickly you let them go...when you mature enough to have a serious relationship then at that point maybe you should look for one.. until then be fair to the people you lead on and quit the games.... adult relationships require two adults...

Anonymous said...

geeze.. ignoring it dont make it go away