Friday, February 26, 2010

It happens, and i'm glad

The day started off with me going to work as usual. Then, I actually got to go to a movie with my friend George. We went & saw The Crazies. It was a pretty okay movie, but don't see it if you wanna have a happy ending, cuz I don't think you will find it in that movie.

After I dropped George off, I went directly to Snider High school to pick up Casey. I have been promising Casey that I would take him to go out and get a bunch of applications for different places, like especially fast food places near Snider & his home. Well, mission accomplished. He got like 11 or 12 applications. And so that is a good thing. Hopefully this is all going to work towards the goal of him being able to pay for and drive a truck that his Aunt said she would give to him. "fingers crossed"

After I dropped him off at his parents place, I tried to hang out with a couple of other kids, but it was not working out. So, I texted Ryan, and he was chillen with this dude Kyle from the high school he does contact work at. They were at IPFW in the Student Union building, so I headed over that way. That is Kyle on the far end of the picture. The story gets sort of complicated because his grandmother is a jehovahs witness. And, well she doesn't want him doing anything that is not associated with jehovah witnesses. All else is worldly and not to be messed with. So, Young Life was not too appealing of an idea for her. But, I know God is working in this situation. And Kyle sure is interested. So, we will see what God has planned in all this. It will be sweet though.

The night ended with me going over to Ryans house, and we watched The Informant with Mat Damon. It was dry, but right up my ally.I left Ryan's house pretty late. The roads were pretty bad, as it had been snowing for the majority of the evening. Long story short, I was very near my house when I happened to come across a vehicle in a very peculiar position in an area that there was not a road because of a bunch of road construction. I pulled over to my bank, which was very near the car & a safe place to park. I walked through the snow over to the car and as I looked at the tire tracks, I immediately thought to myself "this driver is most likely drunk." As she saw me approaching, she got out of her car and as soon as she said her first word. I was correct, she was drunk. I looked closer at the vehicle, and knew she/we had no chance to push it out. I was also worried for her, if a cop drove by, she would get a D.U.I. for sure. I told her it would be best for her to get out of there and deal with it in the morning. I offered to give her a ride home, and on the way to her house, she sort of broke down. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe she just really needed to vent. Needless to say, it was my job to listen and comfort on that ride home, and in that driveway. That is what I did. I feel like I represented Christ in a great way, and helped her keep her nursing position as well as get her out of a sticky situation. I could say a lot more, but I think that is enough. Good day, Great God.

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