Friday, February 19, 2010

Tangible Tysabri

It was time to get me some TYSABRI again today. My monthly infusion happened this morning after I left Snider high school; welcoming kids as they walked into school. So, today was my 21st infusion of the drug TYSABRI!! I can't believe next month will be the 2 year mark?!?!?! That is just crazy to me. That means I have had 2 years of good health. I am so thankful. I sure hope there is not going to be some horrible downside to this medication, but I suppose it is still to early to tell. And, whatever the outcome, it truly is in God's hands. So, my pastor gave me this book. It is called The Tangible Kingdom. It is amazing how they present the heart of church reality in America today. It is good, how about I just say that.

Okay, so after I got my infusion I went home for a bit and tried hard to study. Dang, studying is so difficult these days. lol, where the heck is my motivation. I just wanna read the Bible, not read about the emotional tendencies of persuasion. But, I suppose it is just a step forward. It's all good. I'll get'er done. I said I would do childcare in the afternoon back at Lincoln Elementary. The place I worked at all last year.
It was good to be back at Lincoln. Not only for the two lovely ladies I worked with all last year, but to see all the kids again. So many of them are growing up so much. WOW! It was neat to get so many hungs. Some of them acted like I had never left. Spencer, this little "emotional" 3rd grader had a rough day and she came to me and gave me a big hug and was crying and explained all her problems. I was just like, "awwww." It was precious. I am going sking tomorrow, so I am gonna sleep and wake up early. I will be taking a YL kid with me and my friend Joe. It'll be sweet! I can't wait to go sking.

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