Monday, February 22, 2010

toothbrush & a Bible study + horrible event

Today I got a free toothbrush. It is a pretty nice toothbrush too. Like a super sonic toothbrush or something. I vibrates really fast. Ya see, for the past 3 weeks I have been involved in a dental research study. There is a research center that my friend Ryan told me about half way through last semester. Well, this was my first study. They gave me $75 for brushing my teeth with some different toothbrushes for 3 weeks. It was great, I mean I brush my teeth already!!

I had a Young Life leader meeting at 1, which I have every week. It was good. They are always good. I feel like I am doing really good personally. I am so blessed for where I am at spiritually. God just keeps making sense, and I just have this intense desire to continue to make God, Lord of my life. It is exciting because quite often I get to share that desire with a whole plethora of individuals. It seems to me that God keeps putting people in my life that desire to understand why God is so important to me. I love sharing that. Things that are school/education related sometimes make no sense. Well, quite often they make no sense. And it is extremely hard to find motivation to continue to move forward with them. And I do, I just hate it. I do really well with everything. . . everything except for Spanish. I really struggle with that.

group Bible study

Around 3ish, I picked up three sophomores from Snider high school. I then took them to a coffee shop & we started our Bible study. We are going to go through Romans. It was real good. Those guys were excited about it, and we got into some really great conversation. The cool thing too was the fact that there were 6 other people in there doing Bible studies of their own. There was one girl who I recognized from Campus Crusades (college ministry @ IPFW), and 4 high school girls from a different school doing a Bible study with a male older than me. It was just so cool for me and the guys to see that there are other people out there desiring the same things as us.

This evening I found out that my cousins husband Ken was involved with something truly horrible. A 12-year-old girl died in a motor vehicle accident this morning on Indiana 119 in the vicinity of County Roads 7 and 42, east of Wakarusa.

Trevor Wendzonka, spokesman for the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, said Naleta Joy Yoder, 12, of Goshen died at the scene of the crash around 7:55 a.m. The vehicle, an SUV, slid out of control on the slick road and crossed the center lane to hit a northeast-bound vehicle. The SUV Yoder was in then caught on fire.

Yoder was riding in the rear on the passenger side, where most of the impact occurred.

"The car was fully involved. Patients were laying on the ground. Bystanders tried to get her out and they couldn't," said Galen Ramer who was one of the first on the scene with the Foraker Fire Dept.

Well, one of those bystanders was my Ken, my cousins husband. He is a farmer and was taking a load of corn/soybean to the bins when he came up on the accident. He was there when the SUV burst into flame. He was there as him and others tried frantically to get the 12 year old girl out of the vehicle but couldn't. To make things even worse it was one of my other uncles niece. It is a small community, but jeeze please pray for all involved. Ken is really shaken up big time. I know the family must be so horribly worse off, but I don't know that family, I do however, know how sensitive Ken is.

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