Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My day today was alright I suppose

I woke up late. I slept in; looking back I wish I wouldn't have slept in. The days I wake up early and get things rolling, no matter what i'm doing, as long as I get up and get going, I get so much accomplished and I feel my day was worth while. Alas. . . laziness can take over, especially when the weather is crap, and I am extremely tired.

Shucks though, days like this are rare. So, I suppose I am okay with this. Also, because of the weather, our first Young Life club of the year was canceled. This was a disappointment because me and some of the other leaders had some really sweet ideas planned for characters and some other things. See this picture over to the left. Well, that is part of one of the character ideas I have. It is going to be brilliant. . . . I JUST NEED TO HAVE CLUB to make it all happen. . . . soon enough though, soon enough. :-}

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