Thursday, February 11, 2010

We got something good here today

Here is subject number one. I got to play all morning with this little guy this morning. There was a two hour delay so I was off to Franke Park elementary school to hang out with the kids. It was a good time. Looks like I will be spending a lot of time here, at least for the next 90 days anyways.

And here is subject number two. This little girl has more personality than a whole bus full of little kids put together. I love it too. I walk into the gymnasium at Franke Park elementary, and she just comes up to me and puts her hand on her hip and says, "hello, wanna play?" I say, "sure." Then she just gives me a big ole hug. I love little kids. Even when they have attitudes and are really difficult. Okay, so get this last part of the Thursday equation. I needed a partner for my OLS class, and last Tuesday we had to pick them. Well, I knew that this girl (above) was supposed to be my partner, but she was not in class. And hadn't been for a little while. Well, I still felt like I should move forward, and put her down as my partner. My partner for a project that is going to count for like 30% of our final grade. She was in class today and we decided to get coffee afterwards to talk about the project. Well, we did do some talking. But, the project got minimal attention. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that God set up this appointment. I look forward to see what God has up his sleeves.

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