Thursday, February 18, 2010

God, you blow me away, over and over and over and. . .

Okay, so today was great, just great. . . . well, I guess I didn't get very much work done, but God did some work in me and i'm like woooow. I could tell you about all the boring stuff, but ima get right to the meat of the day. So, towards the evening, Steasha (lady I work at the YMCA childcare in the morning with) texted me and asked if I would be interested in coming to "The Circle." The circle is a young adult gathering that gets together on Thursday nights downtown at this church building thing. Check this out.
Steasha is in the yellow to the right. My skin color had no worth there. And Ben (YL leader) and I were the only white guys. I honestly felt like we were all brothers and sisters in Christ though. It was so much fun too. We played that game where you have to act out stuff in a time limit and get the team to guess what yo1u are acting out. . . what is that called? And then this guy came, he is the pastor of the church apparently. I don't think he regularly speaks there, but he was tonight. The topic was "RELATIONSHIPS." Check out this list he gave us.

6 things to look for
  • Is the relationship moving too quickly?
  1. Flee from sexual immorality. (1 corinthians 6:18) This is all kinds of sexual issues, from thoughts to the physical touch.
  • Is your significant other KIND?
  1. How does she treat the waiter at a restaurant when he/she messes up the order?
  2. How does she act in traffic?
  3. How does she love people?
  • Is this person a teammate?
  1. Will she go to spiritual battle with you?
  2. Is she an individual who will protect you? ** Maybe this just means keeping things in confidence. You know, protecting your privacy.**
  • Is this a person of integrity?
  1. The pastor gave the "milk jug" example. If your significant went to the grocery store and forgot to put a couple of milk jugs on the bottom of the cart and the check out person didn't see them, and your significant other didn't realize it till she got to the car, would she take them back in because it was the right thing to do?
  • Is this person a quitter?
  1. When the going gets tough, does she get going, or is she likely to fold under pressure?
  2. Does she have a "forever" view of marriage (NO BACKING OUT)?
  • Is God my & her most important priority?
  1. If I ever put my significant other before God, or she ever puts me before God, He will remove his blessing from that relationship. Simple as that.
Wow, this message really hit me in a place where I needed to be hit. It was really good for me to hear, but also a little difficult. Hummm, did God bring me to this place for a reason? More than just the message though. I have been desiring to bring diversity to Young Life, maybe this can become a place where I will learn how to make that possible. Who knows what God has going on. I'm excited to find out though. :o)

4 comments: said...

Hello! I apologize, I didn't catch your name. I really enjoyed reading some of your posts. About YL and The Circle, how do I go about getting involved. I am a young single woman of God withholding the Blood Stained Banner of Christ. I work with the Purity aged (12yrs-18 unmarried) teens at my local church and in my District. I've been in Fort Wayne for about 3 yrs. now and have been looking for an organization such as this one. What do I need to do or where do I need to be?

Mikey said...

My name is Mikey.

Well, "The Circle," meets at Summit Church accross from Memorial Park Middle School. The address is 2320 Maumee Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46803. They meet on Thursdays at 7:30pm. I will be there next Thursday. . . If you wanna meet me, just look for the white guy. ;o) They are such a great group of people, i'm excited to go back. said...

Wow, that's great! If the Lord willing I will be there. I'm excited and a little nervous altogether. I look forward to seeing you and the rest. I'm in a white Impala, i have my hair cut short, light skinned w/ freckles, well the new girl. Please me a reminder so I won't forget. Thank you!

Mikey said...

yep yep, if you can make it out, and you are seeking the Lord and people to help you along the journey, I know this is a safe environment. :o)

And your name?