Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I should be sleeping, not posting

I seriously should be asleep. I have to get up early. . . . . I love this BLOG too much to let it go though. I am drawn to it. Some force attracts my finger tips to the buttons, all else just flows out.

This picture was taken at the daycare this morning. I thought this was a cool picture. Aaron (kid in background) is just putting the ball up, and Triston, kid closer to the net is trying to block. Hee Hee. Little kids take B-Ball time seriously. It's all good though.

So much happened today. I needed to do so much more than what I did too. But, that's life. You get so many hours, and if you don't squeeze everything in, well, too bad.

God is amazing though, and I have amazing people in my life. Seriously.

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Hello. And Bye.