Tuesday, February 23, 2010

study, exam, bar, ticket

Today was like this > > > > > Study, study, study, study, study. Then some studying, and some time of study, study, study, study, study. Once I had been studying for a while, I decided to take a little break and then back to studying. It just never ends. Tuesdays are killer for me.

6:00PM eventually came around though and I took my first COM 300 exam. It was an hour and forty-five minutes of essay writing. Choose 6 out of 7 essays. When it got over, well I was exhausted and feeling a little yucky. I started to feel come cold sores come on. And truth be told, I hate cold sores more than anything else in my body. Well, except for M/S. So, I guess it would be safe to say I hate cold sores second only to multiple sclerosis.

But, no rest for the weary, because at 9:00PM I promised my bro's that I would meet downtown at JK O'Donnels (Irish pub). I promised to meet there for Ryan's 21st B-Day!! Horray!! If you look back on my 21st B-Day you would see that is where I went too.
Sorry the picture is so dark, but there was not much light in that place. It was a really good time. Had a couple of beers with close friends, and enjoyed celebrating Ryan's B-Day. Really, and Ryan had a super good time too. Sitting next to Ryan is Sam. Sam is a great guy. He is a fellow Young Life leader and friend. When I look up to the married Young Life leaders I really look up to them. They have such great relationships with their wives and I really look up to them. Anyways, that was sort of a tangent.

I love these friends because they love the Lord, and it shows by how we love each other. When I left the pub I just randomly wondered, "hummm I wonder what my B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Content) is?" Little did I know I would shortly be finding out. I dropped off Zach, Ben, and Ryan then I headed home. I went down a road I seem to go down several times every day. I was driving down St. Joe when I came up to the 3-way stop. It was probably about 12:15AM. I was driving and just wanted to get home and go to bed, to try to stop the infestation of cold sores on my upper lip, nose, and tongue. AHHHHHH!!!! What did I do? Well, I blew through a stop sign. There were no cars coming towards me, only a vehicle maybe 3/4 to a mile behind me (which I thought was a mini-van). It was not a mini-van, it was a squad car. She pulled me over, and wrote me a $215.00 ticket. I completely deserved it, and she was actually very nice about it. I knew what I did, and she knew what I did. She even made several good points. I'm an idiot. Seriously, the last time I got a ticket was for the same thing. Except it was on campus, and I just didn't come to a "complete stop." This time I didn't even attempt to. :-/ In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, DO'OH!!! Oh, and in case you are wondering what I blew after drinking 2 beers, well my B.A.C. was at a 0.017

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