Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bundle of Anxious Frustration

Okay, i worked on my Vegas Movie i created using all the pictures and video recordings i got off my phone and 35mm camera. It was really cool too. I used a movie editing program called Pinnacle Studio 9. Holy shit has it frustrated me. Seriously like i probably spent somewhere like 10 hours making this thing. Then i finally get it finished, and i try to convert it into a format so normal computers can read it. It honestly took near 7 hours. I dunno why, so once it was finally finished i was excited and i pressed play....................there was no SOUND!!!!!! wow, i can say i was a little pissed. Okay, get it, bad mood i was in. So, i decided i was fat, and i wanted to run. I seriously spent more time syching myself into a running state of mind.

So, would you like to know what i did? Well, first i put on plenty of nerdy looking jogging clothes. Then i got my phone and wireless headphones. Then i went into the garage, and played some music to PUMP ME UP! I did some stretches so i wouldn't pull any muscles. I was totally ready. I even did 5 laps in my back yard. Ohhhh boy it was really something! So, once i felt i was stretched and hydrated, i started jogging on the sidewalk in my neighborhood. I am not fit. Prolly even a little fat. I am going to keep doing this though. Some form of exercise. I don't smoke pot, I don't drink, not even cig's. I need to lose the gut, then i will be a sexy maniac. I'm sure of it. Wish me luck(no heart attacks).
M/S Update
Today i got a packete from the NTAF(National Transplant Assistance Fund) It is an organization that pretty much backs people trying to raise money for a transplant(ME). It is good, because when i go to someone and tell them my whole speal, instead of me saying uhhh yea write that check out to me, i can say "all checks payable to bla bla bla" get it? It's very good. Also, i started working on a letter to Mark Sauder(congressional represenatitive) The letter to him pretty much says.........hey give me money, or hey make my insurance company give me money.
This is all great to me. I like making money, now i can use all those hustling skills i have aquired over the years for something productive. Possibly even life saving. "knock on wood"

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