Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wonderful Day I had Today.

Today was really good. It started off pretty slow, cuz i didn't sleep a wink last night. I have not been sleeping because the medication I have been taking(Amitriptyline 50mg) was making me gain weight like it was goin out of style. So, i had to put and end to it. :+( Sadly that means i had to put an end to having wonderful sleep every night. I mean i was sleeping so so so good on that stuff, I would Enter the final stage of sleep. REM<>or Rapid Eye Movement, this is the stage of sleep where you dream, and is the part of sleep that your body gains the most happiness from. I miss it so much, so what do i do? I write E-mails, and I try to get people to give me funding. It is more progressive than laying in bed for 5 hours wishing my mind would let me pass OUT!!!! Anyways, enough complaining.

Okay, So above is a picture of a group of people I was going to help raise money for M/S with. But, turns out i have my own lil project......ok i guess we can call it a rather large project.I have to raise $100,000.oo If i want to get a Stem Cell Transplant. The reason i say that is because it is looking like the Insurance Company is going to get out of paying for it. Little **&% (*&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;%* *(&^*&^!!!!!!!!! man, i really don't want to get started on how much I hate the huge corperations that run this Pathetic place we call U.S.A. ughhhhhhhhh. Srry, i am definately going to shut up

So, Bill G. invited me to come to this meeting, we talked about fundraising, and hints, ideas, etc. It was pretty much an open Forum. I enjoyed it very much.....Also It kind of scared me. I was sitting in there 20 years old, and diagnosed 2 years prior. There was grown men in there who can't hardly walk....It just motivated me that much more. I need this Stem Cell Transplant, otherwise i will end up like that. I am not saying God can't use me in a wheel chair, i am just saying i want to do anything and everything in my power to keep that from happening.

So, I need people who want to help me accomplish this goal.
The two papers above are all someone would need in order to pledge money to my cause. It is called NTAF Great Lakes Stem Cell Transplant Fund: In Honor of Mikey Riley. The top page pertain's information concerning how any contributed money is a direct tax write off. The bottom paper is the pledge form. You can contribute by personal check, or credit card. All donations go directly into an account already started in NTAF's system. Currently I am working on creating a home page on NTAF's web site. This will be a specific area designated to informing about my situation.

If I am important to you. Please print off some copies of these papers. Pass them out, share them with co-workers, parents, bosses, neighbors, boyfriends, girlfriends, get your friends to pass them out. Help me be proactive. I beg this.

God Bless,


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