Saturday, January 06, 2007

Drama Drama Drama

There is always drama in my life. If it isn't my mom telling me i am fat, then it is a friend acting crazy on drugs. I tell you what, i can't hide from drama any more than a honey bee can hide from sweet sweet rose bushes. Ohhhh boy, anyways.......I slept all day, a very uncomfortable sleep none the less. I have been hot hot hot. It is my core body temperature. Now, Doc. Kolar at the indiana center for m/s WOULD tell you it is because we havn't taken enough pills, and we just need to take more pills, more more more pills. I would tell you it is because i have m/s and i need a stem cell transplant. Who is right???? I guess we could wait till we die and ask God, but why wait that long? and why mess with death and all it's messyness.

I found out today that my cousin cassie is pregnent again. This will be the 3rd one by the same ass hole. Ohhhh, the other day the babies daddy came over, broke the restraining order, and attacked cassies dad. Cassie's mom hit him with a bat, and the cops came and took him away. Some girls just don't learn. I don't get it, she knows he is an ass hole, but she continues to let him stick it in her?!?!?!?!? anyone else confused? This man, wait this nigger, is violent, and just an excused for life. Yet, he can create 2 beautiful girls. Very beautiful girls. Who knows what is cookin in the oven. It is sad, i love cassie, but i hate it when she makes horrible decisions. Kind of like my sister merideth, i love her to death, but i hate her decisions. It is very frustrating.I have been very frustrated lately. With my everything!!!!!!

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