Friday, January 05, 2007

Viva Las FUN!!!!!!

Ya ever hear the old "saying" a picture is worth a thousand words? well, i am a firm believer in this saying and i am going to save myself about 27 thousand words. Enjoy the vegas picture show.

we were driving to see the hoover dam in this picture above.

below this is a slightly blurry picture of the Blue Men. There was fungus amungus.
this beautiful blonde woman below is Jessica. I met jessica on the plane from Vegas to Minisota. It was so much fun to talk with her, i pretty much gave her my life story, and just tried to be a good person. She is a fitness trainer in vegas, and is going to make a man very lucky some day.

The hoover dam was so awesome, and so so so so friggin huge!!
Below is a picture of Drake, i think his name was drake, I let him play a basketball game on the PSP my friend let me borrow, he was black. He was my friend.

Above is the circus casino, and below is an awesome painting on a cealing, it was so friggin beautiful.

These were 2 beautiful asian women standing in front of my heroes. The Blue Men!!!
This was a huge ass fish, look at it!!!! friggin huge.
I had so much fun in vegas, almost too much fun. wait, i take that back. U can never have too much fun. My two good buddies Mike & Garry made this possible, we both had so many unique amazing stories, i couldn't possibly tell them all. I have amazing memories in my head, and some pretty cool pictures in my phone and camera, i havn't even gotten those bad boys developed, maybe i will get the pictures from my camera developed onto a disc.

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