Friday, January 19, 2007

A day at Lane

Okay, so today i decided to mix it up. I went to school with my dad. It was great, i love going to school with him. It's fun to see him at work. And i understand why he loves his job. It has to be extremely satisfying to be able to feel like you accomplished something every day. Even if it was making kids line up and shoot basketballs. It was great.

So, First official business is to go to the teachers lounge, and eat food. I find this is probably the most important part of the day. You nourish yourself, and shoot the shit with your teacher buddies. Ohhh, and to the Leo croud, that man in the Orange Striped shirt is Mr. Drew! The Band Teacher from Leo. He now teaches at the same school as my dad. He is very cool. I love getting a chance to converse with him. It makes me feel mature. I have grown up a lot. I am glad he can see that in me. :+)
After the meeting and initial eating of food is over, the boss lady A.K.A. Principal came to give a little pep talk. she was pretty profesional about herself. And pretty pleasing on the eye, am i right??? It was an action shot, i almost missed her. But i got her right in the nick of time. he he, i should be a detective.
So, all was well at Lane Today.
After my visiting time was over, my mom picked me up, and we went to Boxed Delites to finish bringing stuff up from the basement, and made the transition from boxed delites stuff, to home stuff. comprende? Si!!


Megan Sauder said...

Wow.... good'ole Mr. Drew. i haven't seen him for so long. kinda neat your dad works with him!

*Chels* said...

Hey that's my school!!! I went there!! Oh how lucky are those kids to have a different principal than I did for the end of Middle School...