Saturday, January 13, 2007

my eyes hurt

Wow, you wanna talk aobut commitment? So what, i do. Okay, so i have been working on this movie i started when i got back from Vegas. I took all the still pictures, and all the video files, and have put them all in a format that my computer can recognize. It is such a daunting task, copy print, clip, listen, rewind, save............and so on and so forth. It is so tedious. But, in the end i hope that it will all come together really well, and i can send DVD's to my buddies, and we can pop it in anytime we need a reminder of how much fun we had. Last night i almost had a break down. I have been working on this stupid thing for what seems an eternity. Last night, or this morning after like a 4 hour stretch, the screen acted up, and everything went green:-() ....... ........... I laughed at first, then buried my head in the pillow and screamed explicit words. But, i am cought back up to where i had it, and that is really good. I am smiling today, and i guess i'm doin alright. The sun's still shining when i close my eyes.......................

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