Monday, January 29, 2007

frustration building....

Okay, So i just walked downstairs to mention to my parents that i am interested in going to g 3 day music festival near Palm Springs,CA. Didn't even have a chance to say anything about it when my mom says, FORGET ABOUT IT! :+o are you serious woman? This is so frustrating, cuz i shouldn't be living with my parents. I love my parents to death, i do i really do. I LOVE THEM! I would kill to protect my parents, I love them with an unconditional love that can only be tought by years of loving me. BUT, we see life, living, breathing, everything on such a totally different level. By the way, here is a link to the Festival. WOW! This thing is a once in a life time opportunity. Not only that, but RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!! isn't even together, hasn't been for years. I would go to see them alone!!!!! How does my mother think she has the right to just dismiss something like that? Am i over reacting or do i have a right to be angry/frustrated here? Honestly, if i was living on my own, I would be experiencing so many amazing things. I wouldn't ever second guess myself. With my parents on me and involved with every aspect of my life, i feel like i am still a little kid. Mommy and daddy still making decisions for mikey.

I need some feedback on this one. Stormi, i really like your opinion. U too Lucy Brown!!

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So frustrating, Why wouldn't she at least say, well that sounds pretty interesting. I mean, she could have blown me off, and i wouldn't be anywhere as wound up as i am right now.

p.s.s. I have to be at work tonight at 11p.m. Fun Fun FUn! prolly work till 3 or 4 in da morning. LATERS!

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Lucy Brown said...

So it would seem that you just went to work about now...before I start, just remember you asked for my opinion :)

Seeing as I know your mom, and most everything that's going on right now, I'm going to first ask if she gave you a reason for saying no so quickly? Like, "Don't even think about have this, this, and this to worry about first." or something to that effect? I'll say this, if she didn't say it out loud, I'm sure she was thinking it. Seeing as I have about six years experience on you on this I'll let you know what I've learned. A lot of times mom knows best, she's just not the best at explaining why and we get frustrated when we get a "because I'm the mom that's why" kind of answer. Please note, I'm speaking from my own experience with my mother at this point. And trust me, I know where you are coming from with the whole if I lived on my own perspective, but I have to say, if you lived on your own you probably wouldn't have the money to go to California for a concert, at least I don't have the money to do anything except pay bills, if you do more power to ya. :) I understand your frustration with living at home, I really do. My mom and I discovered we are much better friends when I don't live under her roof. But with room to grow out on our own also comes responsibility of paying bills such as rent, water, gas, electric, cable, internet, food, toiletries, you get the idea, all the things we took for granted that were provided to us are now our responsibility. We may fall on our face so to speak the first time we are out on our own (again, speaking from experience) but it's trying that makes us grow. If you really want to go to the concert, prove to your mom you are responsible enough to go. Start doing things that are expected of you before you are even asked and things like that. Okay, I'm rambling. I think I text you my email this morning, if you want to continue this convo, shoot me an email and we'll keep talkin' :D