Thursday, January 25, 2007

EMOtioNS are SuCh a SCarY thriLL ride SOmetIMes.

So, the picture above is of my friend Steph. Stephanie took me to the movies tonight. The reason I say she took me is cuz i still have no license. So, she was the responsible driver. Isn't she beautiful? And smart too. This girl has a bright future. Forshizzle. Anyways, we saw Casino Royal. pretty good. After the movie i went home and did some fundraising. It was great, my friends are becoming more and more active as time passes. It is really exciting, and what a "spirit booster."
So, after some lil fundraising i was thinking of how i could really draw in some cash. BAM! I thought of Starbucks. Then i thought of my friend Clint who works at one of the Starbucks in Fort Wayne. Just so happens tonight was the night that Starbucks was opening their newest store. Right outside of Fort Wayne, in a little town called Auburn. Well, God was definately with me, and i got introduced to a lady named Pam Kessie. Pam is the Dristrict Manager of Starbucks. Wow, I told her my story, and what was going on right now. She loved it. Not only did she love it, she even seemed a little excited. So, this is what is happening. She has invited me to a meeting on Feb. 15th. I believe all the managers from all 8 starbucks locations in fort wayne will be there. She said she will introduce me, and on that date, i will have a sheet with a selection of ideas for fundraising. I am really excited! I see good things coming my way in the future from starbucks.

Okay, now about the emotional roller coaster. My best friend. We will call him xavior. lets call him Xavior Demmand. like a week and a half ago we went out to wings on a Monday. We talked about a lot of stuff. I thought everything was cool. When we get together, it is verbal free time. Meaning, you say whats on your heart. Well, Xavior has a lot on his heart right now. He has a lot of shitty circumstances also. Lemme give you a little background information on Xavior. I would die for him in a heartbeat. I have more respect for this man, then is probably healthy. But, It seems like on that monday we conversed, i must of done something horribly wrong. So, what happens? Time goes by, a week goes by. I am calling Xavior every day. on his cell, at his house, voicemail after voicemail after voicemail. I am getting worried. I call his friends, I have to get his friends to tell me whats up with him. Now, this is my best friend sense i could pee straight. He wouldn't call me back. Or even attempt at getting in touch with me. So, he goes to my one of my other friends houses, and i call the other friend. I get them to give Xavior the phone. I finally say.... So what the hell is goin on? pretty much, he told me i made him feel like shit the last time we talked. He told me i was being very demeining. And that i was talking "down" to him the whole time. WOW! it came completely out of Left Field...... I got that feeling in my chest that you get, like.....ohh i know. When you have a crush on a girl for a long long time. You get the balls to go up to her and tell her, and you see some guy you really hate kiss her, and grab her ass. Your heart like gets shreaded up. Thats how i felt. I didn't know what to do or say.

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