Friday, August 31, 2007

attitude is everything

If you want to have a good day, it isn't going to be your activities, work, hobbies, girl friends, cash or weather that will make the difference. If you wake up and decide, "hey, I am going to live this day to the fullest, and get something out of it," THEN YOU WILL. You could be picking trash up every day, if you have that attitude boost, then you are good to go.

I had a great day today. A good buddy that moved out of town came to the Fort (Fort Wayne) and hung out with the whole crew. It was really fun, and we watched Die Hard 1 & 3. Great time, good stories from time long past, and lots of laugh's. I really care greatly about my friends. They are genuine and I know they will always support me. I have so many people in my life, and the longer life goes on, the more I realize how absloutly vital that is to have in your life. Stay true to the people who care about you, that is what I have learned about with friendship's. It pay's off.

I have a goal, It is time to get crackin on it, I want to get back into school, and the faster I can save up to buy a car, the faster I can make that happen. I WILL do it, and i'm a little bit excited about it. Mikey on a mission, look out. ;-)

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Eva & Bob Brehm said...

Keep up the positive attitude, it was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your caring for Dena.
Dena, Bob and Eva